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The Anglican Basic School in Kenyasi No.1 has witnessed a significant boost in its sanitation infrastructure with the commissioning of a new toilet facility equipped with a changing room. The facility, which comprises two units of four KVIP toilets, was inaugurated in a ceremony attended by notable dignitaries including the District Chief Executive (DCE), District Coordinating Director, Education Director, Kenyasi No.1 Traditional Authorities, District Assembly Staff and management and pupils of the school.

In his address, the DCE, Hon. Anthony Mensah highlighted the critical need for the toilet facility, emphasizing its role in enhancing the hygiene and health standards of the students. He underscored the importance of continuous supervision and management of the school’s facilities. Additionally, he implored the students to use the new facility with care, to ensure its longevity and effectiveness.

The Education Director, Asantewaa Naomi expressed joy and satisfaction with the completion of the sanitation project, along with other ongoing developments in the district with the education sector especially with providing WASH facilities for schools. In a bid to ensure effective use of the facility, the director provided education on how to use the new toilets. She stressed the need for regular monitoring and supervision to guarantee the facility's long-term utility and maintenance and also cautioned community members present to play a role as watch dogs to avoid community evasion of the facility.

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Mr. Opoku Agyemang, the Head Teacher of the Anglican school, expressed profound gratitude to the Management of the District Assembly, the Education Director, and all traditional authorities for their support and contribution towards this significant development. He remarked,

"This new facility is not just a building; it's a symbolism of commitment to improving our children's health and educational experience. We are deeply thankful for this invaluable addition to our school."


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The commissioning of this facility marks a significant milestone in the Assembly’s efforts to improve sanitation and hygiene, especially in educational institutions under the ANAM Initiative which seeks to provide universal access to WASH service across all sectors of the District by 2030.

As the community and school celebrates this achievement, the call for responsible usage and maintenance of the facility remains a top priority. This project not only represents an improvement in physical infrastructure but also a step towards fostering a culture of cleanliness and responsibility among the students, who are the future of Kenyasi No.1.