Advancing a collective stakeholder vision that approximately 84,423 people in 2030 in Asutifi North District of Ghana will have access to WASH services in a conducive environment where water resources are sustainably managed.

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    The ANAM Initiative

    The Asutifi North Ahonidie Mpontuo (ANAM) is an initiative seeking to achieve a district-wide access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services for all - approximately 84, 423 people - by 2030. This initiative was conceived in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6. The Asutifi North District Assembly is leading the implementation of the initiative with support from selected grantees of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation – IRC, Safe Water Network, Netcentric Campaigns, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Aquaya Institute and World Vision international in Ghana. The initiative is being implemented through a 12-year WASH master plan which contains the broad vision, programmes and strategies of the District Assembly and partners to meet targets of the initiative. Framed within the guidelines of the National Development Planning Commission of Ghana, the master plan also provides a framework for coordinating and aligning efforts of all actors towards achieving the stated goal and vision for WASH in the District.

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    Background and what we want do

    The Government of Ghana has an ambition to make water, sanitation and hygiene services universally accessible for all people resident in Ghana, and to manage water resources for multiple purposes thereby contributing the Sustainable Development Goal 6. However, the Joint Monitoring Programme 2017 report shows that the country has made slow progress towards the realization of this goal. The national population with access to safely managed water is 27%, whilst access to basic sanitation is 14%. There is no estimate available for access to safely managed sanitation. The situation in the Asutifi North District is not different. An estimated 3% of the district population has access to safely managed drinking water whilst only 23% have access to basic sanitation. To accelerate the rate of progress, new thinking, approaches, and methods as well as strong local and national governmental institutions and leadership are key to advancing toward the goal. The Asutifi North District therefore presents a good case to advance the realization of the aspirations of a WASH Master Plan that has been prepared collectively with the District and other Hilton grantee partners to achieve SDG 6 in the District. Additionally, the plan will enable the District to better coordinate and ensure development partners align their efforts to maximise efforts and avoid duplication. The plan will provide the basis for tracking progress towards the realization of the WASH vision of the District.


    We want to demonstrate what it takes to reach full WASH coverage in a district through the collective efforts, driven by the District Assembly, we will progressively advance in:

    • Coordinating stakeholders' efforts towards implementation of the master plan and alignment with national policies and processes.
    • Strengthening the District's capacity for delivering the WASH goals needed to realize the 2030 vision. · Building CSOs capacities to undertake advocacy in response to District WASH challenges and enhance WASH service delivery and associated water resource management.
    • Pooling partner resources together and attracting additional funding to finance the implementation of the master plan.
    • Documenting best practices, promising solutions and approaches and sharing to support policy uptake and scale-up.
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    What we want to achieve

    Collectively the partners will advance progress towards:

    • Improved access to basic and safely-managed water services by 2030
    • Increased access to improved and reliable environmental sanitation services by 2030
    • All educational and health institutions have access to basic water, sanitation, hygiene services on site
    • A formidable and inclusive institutional and management framework established for managing WASH in the District
    • Behaviour of people, District Assembly, and stakeholders toward WASH and IWRM improved
    • Water resource management strategies successfully implemented to ensure sustainable water quality

    The Asutifi North District is one of the 260 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in Ghana, and forms part of the 6 of Municipalities and Districts in the Ahafo Region

    It is located between latitudes 6°40’ and 7°15’ North and Longitudes 2°15’ and 2°45’ West. The District capital is Kenyasi, which is about 28km from Goaso, the regional capital of Ahafo, through Hwidiem...


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