Join the Ahafo Water Seeds Programme: A Hackathon for Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs

The quest for sustainable water solutions in the Ahafo Region is more critical than ever, and it calls for innovative minds and passionate hearts. Are you between 18 and 30 years old and eager to dive into the realm of social entrepreneurship with a focus on water? The Ahafo Water Seeds Programme is your platform to shine, offering a unique three-day hackathon that empowers young visionaries to transform ideas into impactful solutions.

Your Idea Could Change the Community

Whether you're brimming with ideas or have pinpointed a community need lacking solutions, this programme is your starting line. It's an opportunity to not only present your ideas but to cultivate them with expert guidance, transforming your vision into reality.

Rewards for Innovation

The journey doesn'tend with the hackathon. Winning teams will be endowed with both technical and financial support to advance their business ideas. Moreover, an exclusive invitation to a subsequent training session in Accra in June awaits, further nurturing your entrepreneurial skills.

How to Participate

  • Individuals or Teams: Participation is open to individuals or teams. For teams, a single application form suffices, provided all team members' details are thoroughly filled out.
  • Selection Process: Entry into the programme is competitive, ensuring a diverse and capable group of participants. While all are encouraged to apply, selection will be merit-based to ensure the highest potential impact.
  • Costs Covered: Thanks to YWS, all participation expenses are covered, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder your ability to contribute and learn.

Important Dates

  • Application Deadline: March 1, 2024
  • Announcement of Selection: Week of March 4, 2024
  • Hackathon Event: April 3-5, 2024, in Goaso

Application Guide

Ready to embark on a journey of social entrepreneurship and make a tangible difference in water supply solutions? Click below to apply and kickstart your journey with the Ahafo Water Seeds Programme.

We understand the application process can be daunting. If you encounter any difficulties or have
questions, Vivian from the Ghana Innovation Hub - MDF is here to help:

  • Contact Vivian: 0248246295

Don't let this chance slip by. Apply now and be part of a movement towards sustainable water
solutions through the power of social entrepreneurship. Together, we can make a difference.