World Vision Ghana sensitizes communities to dialogue for quality WASH service

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World Vision Ghana sensitizes communities to dialogue for quality WASH service

World Vision International (WVI) Ghana in collaboration with the District Assembly has organized a 4-day training on Citizen Voice and Action (CVA), a WVI core model on local level advocacy and social accountability. The training was organized from 18th -21st August at the Presbyterian church in Kenyasi No. 1 for a total number of 61 Water and Sanitation Management Team (WSMT) members and Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) in 8 communities.

This was to empower them with the necessary knowledge and skills to monitor WASH standards and effectively engage duty bearers for social service delivery; and take collective responsibility for the WASH services provided at the community level.

Participants at the training acquired the necessary knowledge and skills on the CVA policies and standards and are very optimistic that the acquired knowledge will enable them to critically evaluate WASH services and effectively engage duty bearers where necessary. They further indicated during the training that the knowledge gained in the policies and standards will help them to identify their challenges when it comes to WASH service at the community level and the appropriate channels to engage with the right duty bearers.

According to the National Coordinator for Local Level Advocacy for World Vision Ghana, Mr. Richard Ananga, once participants are well-informed about the WASH policies and standards as well as the appropriate channels, they will be enable to take collective responsibility for WASH service and assess the facilities to ensure they are in line with the polices and standards.

Next steps

A monitoring team has been constituted to follow up to the communities to engage with community members and ensure that participates put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired from the training and if necessary provide them with after training support to ensure the various problems identified through the training are solve and up to the WASH standards.

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