water quality testing results

ANAM Radio – Update on COVID-19 Situation and outcome of water quality testing in selected water schemes

The 18th ANAM WASH Radio programme discussed findings from Aquaya Institute by-weekly water quality testing of selected water systems which revealed the presence of E. coli in many of the water systems whilst others recorded low PH. WSMTs were encouraged to implement water treatment and safety measures to ensure the delivery of safe water to consumers.

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World Vision Ghana- Sanitation Marketing in Asutifi North District

World Vision Ghana in collaboration with the Asutifi North District is implementing a sanitation marketing strategy to promote affordable latrine technology to households and provide options to pay for components or full latrine in installment. A consumer study undertaken showed that sanitation markets are required to strengthen the interaction of demand and supply through private sector participation.

To facilitate the implementation of the strategy, the following activities were implemented:

  1. The District Environmental Health Unit has been supported to provide backstopping and monitoring support to ensure the sanitation marketing value chain actors are working collaboratively.
  2. Latrine artisans have been trained to register community members who are interested in the household latrines and to sell to them
  3. Natural leaders have also been trained to develop a repayment plan with the households and a commitment fee of 20% will be paid prior to the construction of the latrine. The Natural leaders will also work with households to mobilize monthly repayment revenue based on their repayment plans for a commission.
  4. Ahafo Bank in the district has been designated for receipt of repayments from households who sign up for the latrines.
  5. Two vendors trading in building and construction materials in the district have been identified and registered to transact any business with World Vision and other actors in the value chain. The vendors will be responsible for providing materials to latrine artisans to support households construct their own toilets. Under the sanitation marketing strategy, World Vision in 2020, plans to support households in 20 communities to acquire their own toilets to end open defecation.
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World Vision – Training of Christians and Faith-Based leaders on WASH in Sermons

World Vision Ghana organized a workshop on WASH in Sermons for Christians and Faith-Based leaders in the Asutifi North District, to sensitize them on the WASH programme and how they can use their pulpits to address WASH related issues and stimulate concrete behavioral changes in the communities to promote WASH delivery.

Participants who attended the training were confident that the knowledge gained will enable them to advocate for good WASH practices and leverage on the power, authority and influence of religious faith.

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