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· Covid-19
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Whatsapp Unicef U-Report Tool - Access:
  • Safe, speedy and accurate information on the Coronavirus direct to your phone on five messaging channels: SMS, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram.
  • Life-saving information on Corona Virus available in multiple languages, English, Spanish, French, Bahasa, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, etc. Translation to new languages can be easily done during deployment.
  • A free platform, anonymous for young people and communities to access information and participate - the COVID-19 Information Chatbot is helping countries and communities spread facts, plug information gaps, report rumors and counter misinformation around the new Coronavirus.
  • U-Report is implemented by UNICEF and partners globally, delivering programmatic response in emergency context along with governments. The COVID-19 Information Chatbot can be easily localized to specific programmatic contexts and beneficiary groups, and is already being repurposed within UNICEF beyond U-Report.
  • UNICEF's COVID-19 Information Chatbot is countering the potential harmful effects of misinformation circulating through COVID-19 chatbot rumor tracking function. Young people and communities have the ability to report rumors they are hearing to UNICEF. An automated debunking function is being developed to debunk the rumors.