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ANAM Partners meet on Covid-19

On 16th April 2020 IRC Ghana convened a virtual ANAM partners meeting to receive updates from the district on its preparedness and response to Covid-19 and to discuss the implications on partners work and programme adjustments required to response to the pandemic. The meeting could not be held face to face because of the government ban on all public gatherings and meetings in the country.

The district response with support from some ANAM partners, private sector, and faith-based organizations so far has been commendable but more actions are required to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 on the population. The district has established a District Public Health Preparedness and Response Committee which together with stakeholders have developed a Covid-19 response plan. In line with the plan, some hand hygiene products such as sanitizers, tissues, soap, litter bins, and Veronica Bucket have been procured and distributed. Trainings of healthcare workers, CSOs, DA staff, and pharmacy workers and over the counter chemical sellers on COVID-19 preparedness has also been carried out. Public awareness campaigns are being undertaken through Community Information Centres and Radio, printing of flyers on Covid-19 prevention and, updates are being shared through ANAM website, Facebook pages, whatsapp etc.

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However, challenges such as inadequate supplies and logistics: PPEs, holding areas, Infrafred Thermometers, cleaning materials, supplies and WASH IPC products in HCFs continue to affect the response efforts, so extra funding is needed to address this.

The meeting concluded with partners agreeing that significant adjustments will have to be made to their progrommes if the virus linger for a prolonged time. Partners will do such major adjustments in consultation with the donor. In the interim, following the government’s directive, many partners have suspended all activities that require face to face meetings and gatherings and where possible, are resorting to virtual channels for engagements. Activities that directly support the Covid-19 response have also been prioritized.

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Public awareness creation on Covid-19 on ANAM Radio and other channels

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The 13th ANAM WASH Radio programme on Anapua Fm with resources persons from the District Health Directorate and World Vision focused on creating public awareness on Covid-19 and providing basic information on the virus to help citizens to stay safe. The importance of social distancing and adherence to hand hygiene practices were emphasised as measures for preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus. Citizens were encouraged to adhere to these measures and report any suspected case to the District Health Directorate through the emergency telephone number for immediate action. Additionally, Safe Water Network and Aquaya Institute will provide information materials on Covid-19 and disseminate at their standpipes, water stations, and water kiosks.

ANAM Partners committed to implementing government 3 months free water programme for citizens

The Government of Ghana introduced a series of restrictions for public gathering, social distancing, and closure of key activities. To mitigate the impact of these measures on citizens, the President announced that for the next three months (April, May, June) government will absorb 100% of the water bills of domestic consumers. This is intended to ensure that water is available for the promotion of hand washing. In line with the guidelines issued by the Community Water and Sanitation Agency on the operationalisation of the directive, the District Assembly, Safe Water Network and World Vision Ghana will implement the Free water programme by deploying all the water systems currently in operation – looking at how to be able to address the needs of vulnerable populations but maintaining quality services.

Capacity building for Persons with Disability (PWD) to fight Covid-19 in Asutifi North District

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The Asutifi North District Assembly (ANDA) in Ahafo Region has organized a two (2)-day workshop for the members of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) in the district on COVID-19. The two(2)-day workshop categorized into two(2) zones namely Kenyasi and Gambia to meet the social distancing protocol was to enlightened the members of NAD in the district on hand hygiene protocols, wearing of face mask, and adhering to the social distancing measures to help prevent them from contracting the coronavirus. Read full story here

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