JULY, 2020

Asutifi North Covid-19 Response Project Inception meeting

In July 2020, IRC Ghana in collaboration with the Asutifi North District Assembly and partners organized an inception meeting of the Asutifi North COVID-19 Response Project. This was to officially launch the project and discuss the implementation modalities. The project with a $ 100,000 funding from Conrad Hilton Foundation will focus on collective action approach to implement short and medium-term COVID-19 response efforts in Asutifi North; and to amplify the role of water in infection prevention and control practices across nine healthcare facilities in Asutifi North District. The project aims to protect health care workers whilst they carry out their duties; make health care facilities safe, increase risk management communication and community awareness through the preparedness, response and recovery phases of COVID-19; and strengthen emergency response and resilience of WASH systems. The main outcome of the project is to ensure that health care settings are safe and health care workers protected through provision of Personal Protection Equipments and WASH supplies and improvements in district WASH emergency response and resiliency. The one-year project which started in July 2020 and runs till June 2021 is being managed by IRC Ghana working closely with the implementing partners - Asutifi North District Assembly, World Vision, District Health Directorate and District-based Civil Society Organisations.

ANAMWASH Radio – Update on COVID-19 Situation in Asutifi North District

The 17th ANAM WASH Radio programme on Anapua Fm hosted the District Health Directorate. The department provided updates on COVID-19 and the case management in Asutifi North District as at July 30, 2020 which included 46 confirmed cases, 36 recoveries, and 10 active cases. Majority of the cases are within the age group of 30-39 with asymptomatic cases being managed from home whilst persons with symptoms are isolated at the Kenyasi Health Center for treatment. The public were advised to continue to adhere to the government outlined safety protocols and to stop the stigmatization of Covid-19 recovered persons and their families but rather support them and show love.

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World Vision – Training of District staff on BaSIS in Asutifi North District

World Vision in collaboration with the Asutifi North District Assembly and with technical support from the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources (MSWR) organized a training on Basic Sanitation Information System (BaSIS) for district stakeholders to capture and analyze information on the implementation of the Rural Sanitation Model and Strategy (RSMS). Participants at the training were drawn from the departments of the District Assembly, Ghana Education Service, CLTS field facilitators, and representatives from the Civil Society Organizations.

Participants at the training gained skills and knowledge on BaSIS, and its application at the district, regional and national levels. Mr. Samuel Badu-Baiden, the District Co-ordinating Director in opening the training recounted the Assembly’s delight of being part of the RSMS which has yielded remarkable sanitation results in communities following the triggering and response from community members.

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  • Complains

In the month of July, we have received 20 new complains at the WASH desk office. All the issues have been directed to appropriate partner for addressing. All issues have been resolved by the DA together with the partners, with on Two (2) complains outstanding, the following are some of the complains to be read out.

ANAM Network Membership

We are aware of how the covid-19 has prevented social gathering, and this has been affecting the growth of our network membership. Notwithstanding, our membership has increase from 510 to 633 after our community surveillance volunteer training. This include people from Goamu, Gambia, Ntotroso and Kenyasi area council, including smaller communities.

  • Website Updates

The ANAM Website is still current with a lot of current issues especially in this time of covid 19. We have provided a lot of updates on the preventive measures as well WHO guidelines on covid19. The monthly Hub, updates which comprises of the activities within the month has also been uploaded on our website for the general public.

  • Social Media Update / Facebook

Our Facebook handle is ANAM WASH Networks. Currently, our last post was able to reach 702 people and 260 engagements, we have 130 followers, 200 likes and we do answers questions too on our page. Our last radio discussion has 12,500 views as now

Toll Free:

Our Toll-free Number is active now 0800 304000. We entreat people to call for free and report their complains and issues to be directed to the authorities for addressing.

  • WASH and General News
  • Aquaya Institute has resumed the biweekly data collection after the free water program has come to an end.
  • Aquaya has subsides the cost of water quality testing for all the water systems. This is to reduce financial burden of the WSMT’s during this COVID-19 period. Aquaya is paying 5/6 of the cost for each water system in the testing agreement.
  • Aquaya developed 100 flyers and distributed among the WSMT’s to help educate the public on the precautionary measures against the fight of the Covid-19
  • Aquaya will continue to hold monthly meetings with WSMT’s to understand the water quality results and identify what actions should be taken in response
  • World Vision organized Basic Sanitation Information system training on CLTS
  • World Vision piloted Sanitation Marketing in the District
  • World Vision continue monitoring on Pay as You Fetch system and CLTS
  • Drilling and siting are Ongoing in the district
  • World Vision has donated Veronica buckets to the District Assembly support the fight of Covid-19