Asutifi North District Trains People to Achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6

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Members of the Water and Sanitation Management Team (WSMT) under the Asutifi North Ahonidie Mpuntuo (ANAM) – Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme in Ahafo Region have received a training workshop on water management and sanitation to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6.

The 4 – Day training workshop which also discussed sanitation related issues to water systems and spearheaded by Asutifi North District Assembly and World Vision Ghana assembled 98 WSMT members from communities such as Pobikrom, Kwabenafo, Anlo, Ntrakwah, Solomonkrom, Nsuta, Nsuta Domiabra, Forest Ano, Nkwanta, Aboagyaa, Kojokrom Asempanaye, Yawusukrom and Rashidia.

In an exclusive interview with a Facilitator who is also the School Health Education Program(SHEP) Coordinator for the District, Felicia Ohenewa Larbi the brain behind the workshop is to empower beneficiaries of ANAM -WASH on how best they are to manage water systems(boreholes) for their own advantage.

According to Felicia Ohenewa Larbi , giving them much knowledge on the managerial skills will reduce the amount of pressure directed to the assembly and it partners meaning funds can be channeled elsewhere to make development thrive for the people in the District.

She mentioned that under the ANAM – WASH programme, beneficiaries are made to understand that projects are their own so therefore they need to design appropriate measures to keep them(facilities) intact for their good. To her, the assembly and partners involved are to direct and also to empower them with needed knowledge to make the initiative excel and also to be copied by others just like how the Uganda Government sent delegation to District to understudy the policies of the programme because it was doing extremely well.

” We will be extremely shock to see a community unable to manage its water facility after this training ” Asutifi North District SHEP stated.


She mentioned that the Facilitators for the training workshop were amazed per the kind of knowledge exhibited by the participants on water management and sanitation and with these the ANAM – WASH initiative in no time will meet its objective as planned.

Felicia Ohenewa Larbi revealed that participants were taught on the responsibilities of the team collectively as well as respective individuals.They were educated on the kind of collaborators to deal with such as the assembly, education unit, health directorate, environmental officers and Non Governmental Organizations(NGOs) to make facilities managing excel.