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A team from Easy Water for everyone in partnership with the Asutifi North District Assembly on Wednesday, July 13 held a training session for six (6) selected District Assembly staff and community members of earmarked hard-to-reach communities at ANAM WASH Partners Hub in Kenyasi. This forms part of efforts to provide guidance on the processes of collecting baseline data from households for the Easy Water for Everyone Project.

Easy Water for everyone as part of its commitment to the ANAM WASH Initiative seeks to purify water from unimproved sources (streams, hand-dug wells, etc) for three hard-to-reach communities, without electricity in Asutifi North District using Hemodialyzer membrane filter devices. The device, which has eight dialyzers placed in parallel with polysulfone membranes and a filter pore size of 0.003 micrometers, prevents the passage of pathogens. As such, only clean water and dissolved salts pass through the pores when polluted water passes through it them.

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The device following an analysis by the Ghana Water Research Institute confirms the ability to trap pathogens, which has auxiliary received standardisation from Ghana Standards Authority.

The consultant from Easy Water for Everyone, Dr. Joseph Marfo Boaheng briefed participants on the training and explained that “the device does not use any chemical nor need electricity for filtration to happen”.

In good clinical practice, charged the data collectors “not to coerce or exploit but convince respondents for participation.”

The data collection exercise is expected to end three months before the installation of the devices begins. Beneficiary communities include Kojokrom Asempaneye, Kwaku Bodom, and Goamu Goaso.