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Asutifi North District Assembly, in partnership with World Vision Ghana, organized a three-day workshop for faith leaders from 17th to 19th May 2022. The workshop’s goal was to sensitize the faith leaders on the need for them to actively promote the sustainability of the WASH investmentsbeing made in communities across the district. During the workshop, participants discussed how faith leaders can actively engage in the socio-economic development of the communities they serve.

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Mr. Lawrence Lerewanu, the facilitator for the workshop, explained that involving faith leaders in addressing WASH issues is crucial since Ghana is a largely faith-based society.

During the workshop, the pastor of Obengkrom Assemblies of God church and chairman for Obengkrom Water and Sanitation Management Team (WSMT), Eric Opoku, shared his team's experience in managing water facilities. Pastor Eric Opoku mentioned that the Obengkrom WSMT had banked savings from water revenue of more than GHS 7,000 and believed that other WSMTs could achieve a similar results.

The workshop was attended by faith leaders from Atwedie, Obengkrom, Kenyasi, Panaba, Asumadukrom, Kensere, and Kwakurikrom communities. These faith leaders were appointed as trainers for other religious leaders in the district. They were also responsible for conveying the knowledge and skills they acquired at the workshop to a broader audience by using their places of worship to share their learning.

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