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The Asutifi North District Assembly and World Vision Ghana organized a 3-day refresher training from April 4th-6th for 27 Water and Sanitation Management Teams (WSMTs). The training focused on strengthening the capacity of WSMT members in managing water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) systems based on national standards and guidelines. The training sessions took place at the Goamu Koforidua Catholic Church and the Gambia No.1 Methodist Church.

During the workshop, the participants engaged in various topics related to WASH management. These topics included understanding the roles and responsibilities of WSMTs, enhancing communication skills with stakeholders and partners, developing Facility Management Plans, and enforcing WSMT by-laws. Additionally, they explored subjects such as the hydrological cycle, the importance of pumping tests, conducting water quality assessments, managing conflicts, generating income,mand setting tariffs, maintaining proper record-keeping, and establishing bank accounts.

Seth Andrew Danso, the Assistant Planning Officer for Asutifi North district, explained that the need for the refresher training arose because recent water service monitoring exercises had identified gaps and concerns among the WSMTs and the communities they serve.

During the workshops,some WSMTs raised issues that hindered the effective discharge of their duties. At the Gambia workshop, Kwaku Kwarteng complained that community members insult them whenever they try to stop the misuse of water systems. He added that the insults and abuse had caused some of his colleagues to resign as members of the WSMT. Other concerns that were shared and discussed included fights between WSMT and community members due to non-payment for water by some community members.

The training was provided for up to seven members of the WSMT from 27 communities. These communities include Aboagya, Tawiakrom, Asamang, Goamu Koforidua, Addokrom, Okyerekrom, Akwasi Addaikrom, Abernako, Goatifi, Akosakrom, Amaagyemang, Bronyakrom, Krakyekrom, Kwabenafo, Nsuta Domiabra, Besease, Benuyena, Kwadwo, Nkrumah, Yaabene Agya, Akosakrom, Anlo Mensah, Kwanfinfin, and Koforidua. We hope to continue providing these refresher trainings on a regular basis.