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World Vision Ghana is committed to providing good quality water in the communities where it works. As part of the efforts to ensure that the boreholes they construct provide water that is free from pathogens and other harmful substances, the organization engages in periodic water quality testing. As part of this effort, World Vision Ghana has collected and tested water samples from ten new boreholes constructed in the Asutifi North District.

The water quality analyses showed that all the ten new boreholes were free from microbial contamination. The new boreholes from which the water samples were collected were also disinfected. The disinfection method targeted the removal of bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that may be present in the wells below detactable thresholds, to prevent water-borne diseases. Two of the boreholes sampled had turbid water, and the organization is taking steps to resolve the issue. For these two boreholes, World Vision Ghana is considering the options of well redevelopment or drilling of replacement boreholes in the affected communities.