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As the WASH Desk responsibility is to listen, understand and relay information from the general public to the District Assembly and partners for redress. This month-September the WASH Desk has received 8 new complaints. Some of the critical issues were:

  • Caller                                      : Francisca : from Kenyasi Methodist School
  • Issue                                     : When will our installation be down?
  • WASH Desk Response      : Thank you for calling the ANAM WASH Desk Office, your concern will be sent to the appropriate partner and will be addressed. Please you can also log on to and found out more about ANAM WASH. Thank you for getting in touch.
  • Caller                                      : Both Ajarikrom and Mampongkramo)
  • Issue                                     : “We experience brownish water at our facility”
  • WASH Desk Response      : Thank you for calling the ANAM WASH Desk Office, your concern will be sent to the appropriate partner and will be addressed. Please you can also log on to and found out more about ANAM WASH. Thank you for getting in touch.
  • Our network membership keep on growing and currently, we have a total of 375 and still counting.


The WASH Desk Office has officially launch a facebook page for the anamwash initiative as part of reaching more people and getting the global world involved on ANAM WASH project. This is to also help the general public to also get interact with the project and programs relating to WASH in the Asutifi District.

You can search for the facebook handle with the name ANAM WASH Network and click on LIKE and follow us.

The page is just a week year old but has 20 followers and this is amazing on how the general public appreciating the activities on ANAM WASH.

6th ANAM WASH Radio programme in Asutifi North District

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Learning Across Countries: Uganda Delegation Learning Visit to Asutifi North District

From September 24-27 2019, a delegation from the local government of Kabarole district and IRC in Uganda paid a learning visit to Asutifi North district in Ghana. The main aim of the visit was to learn from each other and share experiences on the District Based Initiative  for SDG6, which is being implemented in the respective districts of the two countries. At a technical meeting involving IRC Ghana Staff, CNHF Grantees, Core staff of the Asutifi North District Assembly, Head of Departments, and Uganda Delegation, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the Asutifi North District, Honourable Anthony Mensah, was delighted to welcome the Uganda delegation to the district. The DCE was happy that the Asutifi North district was hosting a second learning exchange with another District from Africa. The first visit was from our Burkinabe and Ethiopian brothers who were here to learn from us on the planning and partnership arrangement in achieving the ambitious goal of ensuring that all households in the district have safe water, sanitation and hygiene services by 2030. The DCE underscored the strong commitment from the chiefs and staff of the Assembly towards the initiative and announced that the district has provided counterpart funds and allocated 20% of the district budget for WASH related interventions.

The Chairperson of the Council of Local Council 5-Kabarole District, Uganda, and leader of the delegation Hon. Richard Rwabuhinga commended the district for a successful implementation of the WASH masterplan so far. He expressed the desire of the delegation to apply the experience and lessons learnt from Asutifi North district back home in terms of the involvement of traditional authorities in development, water quality testing, resource mobilisation for the masterplan, and use of data to inform WASH intervention targeting.

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ANAM stakeholders` review meeting in Asutifi North District

On September 25, 2019, IRC Ghana in partnership Asutifi North District Assembly organised an annual stakeholders’ review meeting. The purpose of the meeting was for stakeholders to take stock of progress made on the implementation of the masterplan and jointly reflect on areas requiring improvements. Stakeholders present at the meeting included staff of the District Assembly, Heads of Departments, CNHF Grantees, Traditional Authorities, the Uganda Delegation, Ghana Federation of Disability, Service providers, and selected CSOs drawn from the district. The District Chief Executive, Hon. Anthony Mensah speaking at the meeting, said that the community members can now feel the impact of the initiative with the construction of 20No. Boreholes for communities, 4No. Boreholes for schools, 4No.Limited Mechanized systems, 2No. Small Town Limited Mechanized Systems, and 1No. Piped systems are at various stages of completion. Also, over 140 Water and Sanitation Management Team members have been trained to be responsible for the operation and management of the facilities. The DCE thanked CNHF grantees: IRC Ghana, Safe Water Network, World Vision International in Ghana, Aquaya Institute, Netcentric Campaigns, CDC and Conrad Hilton Foundation for their unflinching support and interest in the district.

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Aquaya Institute

Aquaya have finished analysing the data from the pilot study and it is planning to revise and scale their program to evaluate why revenue enhancing approach works better in some areas than in others.

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Asutifi North District Assembly

  • Monitor the implementation of commitments made by district stakeholders including the District Assembly, Ghana Education Service, Ghana Health Service, World Vision International in Ghana towards addressing the key issues raised in the institutional WASH assessment.


  • Support staff of the Asutifi North district to participate in Water and Health Conference in University of North Carolina
  • Organise core group meeting to discuss DLLAP WASH Reflection Papers
  • Organise DLLAP meeting
  • Prepare report on ANAM stakeholders review meeting
  • Prepare report on Uganda learning exchange visit to Asutifi North district
  • Prepare report on water and sanitation service monitoring

IRC/Netcentric Campaign

  • Organise monthly WASH radio programme
  • Launch the WASH ambassadors programme

Word Vision International in Ghana

  • DICCS Monitoring/ Verification
  • Training on BaSIS for district staff