ANAM WASH Network celebrated World Hand Hygiene Day with a special event in Nsuta on Friday, May 5th. The event aimed to raise awareness about the importance of hand hygiene in preventing the spread of diseases.

The celebration started with a radio sensitization by members of the network educating the public on the importance of handwashing. The campaign followed through to Nsuta township, where the team together with members of the community held mass clean-up exercise in the town, school and CHPS compound to clean up litter and debris.

The event featured speeches from officials of Asutifi North District Assembly, Ghana Education Service (GES), Ghana Health Service (GHS), the Chief of Nsuta and WASH Desk. They emphasized the importance of good hand hygiene in preventing diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, and COVID-19.

Attendees were also treated to an inter-class art competition by pupils of Nsuta D.A. Basic school, demonstrating the importance of good hand hygiene and sanitation. And, participants were awarded.

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The celebration ended with the team setting up a handwashing station and demonstrating the proper way to wash hands and the consequences of not washing hands properly. The message was well received by the audience and helped to reinforce the importance of good hand hygiene.

Overall, the World Hand Hygiene Day celebration was a success in raising awareness about the importance of hand hygiene in preventing diseases. The ANAM WASH Initiative hopes to continue promoting proper hand hygiene across Asutifi North District.