The Asutifi NorthDistrict Assembly recently organized a clean-up event in Kenyasi No. 1 and Kenyasi No. 2. The purpose of this exercise was to improve public health by focusing on environmental sanitation. It was part of the district's Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) strategy, which aims to address the frequent sanitation-related complaints received by the WASH Desk.

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The clean-up event saw participation from various groups, including traditional authorities, Assembly
staff, Ghana Health Service, Ghana Police Service, Ghana National Fire Service, Ghana Prisons Services, National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Youth Groups, private organizations, ANAM WASH Network members, and community members.

The District Chief Executive, Honorable Anthony Mensah, announced that the mass clean-up event marked the start of a monthly clean-up effort. He said, "We are committed to taking the lead in promoting sanitation and protecting the environment, just as we have done with enhancing access to safe water. The clean-up initiative will be extended to all communities within our district."

Attah Sikidi, an executive of the Kenyasi Youth Association expressed his enthusaiasm and said "I firmly believe that this endeavor is not solely about tidying up our streets; it is also about building a healthier community and paving the way for a brighter future in our district."

In the Asutifi North District, only 33% of the population has access to basic sanitation. To tackle this challenge, the authorities are determined to employ the CLTS strategy and conduct monthly clean-up exercises. It was encouraging to hear that the District Chief Executive has pledged to expand these cleaning initiatives to other communities in order to improve public health and enhance the overall quality of life for the district’s resident.

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