Kiosk for clean water

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Pormaa, a 24 year old water vendor, stands in the water kiosk Aquaya has built in Ntotroso to formalize the sale of water at a price that’s is affordable for the community to help water systems reach their revenue potentials. All the revenue generated will be used to maintain the water system including repairs and water quality testing and treatment to ensure sustainability.

The vendor received a seed grant of up to 500 GHS from Aquaya to purchase soaps and detergents to sell from the water kiosk. Pwoama reported that the ‘seed grant’ influence the increase in revenue collection, which justify scaling up the intervention for qualitative comparative analysis of success drivers. She further estimated that the number of non-paying customers went down by over 50% since the kiosk was erected in May 2019.

Aquaya observed that this approach for revenue enhancement at water systems was moderately successful at some of the pilot sites and is now scaling up the program to evaluate what factors are associated with its success.