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IRC- ANAM Partners review progress and reflect on partnership

From July 2-4, the ANAM Partnership in Asutifi North district held a partners meeting to review the progress in implementing the masterplan. During the event, the plan of action and the implementation strategy for the next 6 months were agreed upon.

The aim is to build a compelling and clear unifying narrative on the progress made towards reaching SDG 6 in the district and on the overall performance of the partnership. Participants confirmed that this would be accomplished through proactive communication and ongoing information sharing.

In a statement, Anthony Mensah, the District Chief, underscored the steady progress made by the partnership in implementing the masterplan. He also pledged the district’s continued commitment to achieve even more. The meeting enabled the partners to collectively harvest outcomes on progress made so far, agree on outlines and templates for performance reporting on the masterplan and on channels for communication and documentation. The meeting further deepened the understanding of the hub function in the partnership among partners. It also allowed for reflection on the partnership, celebrating what is working well and committing to improve what is not working.

IRC - Preparation of WASH Reflection Papers

3 District ANAM WASH Reflection Papers have been prepared by IRC including the following:

  • Paper 3- Developing a Water Quality Monitoring System for The Asutifi North District
  • Paper 4- Measuring Empowerment in WASH in Asutifi North District
  • Paper 5 - The State of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services in Schools and Healthcare Facilities
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IRC /Netcentric Campaigns

  • Organised 2 ANAM WASH Radio programmes on Anapua FM, Kenyasi, within the period:
  • The 4th programme focused on promoting access toilets and enhancing solid waste management in the Asutifi North District.
  • The 5th programme focused on management of water at the Institutional level with emphasis on roles and responsibilities of the Water and Sanitation Management Teams.
  • Developed and uploaded content into the  website
  • Within the period, the WASH Desk received 12 complaints from citizens and grew the ANAM Network membership to 310 members.
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World Vision- Launch of District Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee on Sanitation in Asutifi North District

On June 26, 2019, World Vision International in collaboration with the Asutifi North District Assembly inaugurated a 13-member District Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee on Sanitation in Asutifi North district under the auspices of the ANAM Initiative. The membership is composed of representatives from District Environmental & Sanitation Unit, Department of Community Development and Social Welfare, Ghana Health Service, District Planning Unit, District Works Department, and the Ghana Education Services. This multi-sectoral committee will among other things coordinate activities in the sanitation subsector in the district. Mr. Anthony Mensah, the District Chief Executive who inaugurated the committee implored them to work hard to improve the sanitation situation and assured them of the total support of the district assembly. Read more here :

World Vision - Drilling of wells

  • 5 wells were constructed making 20 wells constructed so far in the district (4 in schools 16 in communities)
  • Construction of a solar powered limited mechanised system in Obengkrom is currently ongoing with 4 standpipes laid.

Aquaya Institute

Aquaya has been continuing to monitor its pilot focused on improving revenue collection. Early results indicate that the addition of kiosks at water vending points has increased revenues. Aquaya. Aquaya's proposal to arrange an outsourcing agreement for regular water quality testing at a selection of water systems in Asutifi North was approved by the General Assembly. Aquaya is now working to finalize and enact the agreement.