IRC Ghana, Others Institute Measures To Improve Water Safety In Asutifi North District

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IRC Ghana in partnership with Asutifi North District Assembly in Ahafo Region under the District Learning Alliance Platform (DLAP) has agreed on potential water treatment strategies to improve water safety in the district.

The engagement themed " Addressing Water Contamination in Asutifi North Action Plan and Way Forward " assembled participants from Government, Conard N. Hilton Foundation (CNHF) partners, Private Sector, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) , Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the Media to discuss and outline measures to adopt by service providers to help improve water safety.

According to participants, Aquatabs are the most favourable short-term solution for the disinfection of water sources and Aquaya Institute can assist in setting - up supply chains of household chlorination or bucket dosing. However, medium to long term sustainable water treatment options should be explored.

Participants agreed that there should be a launch of a community campaign by leveraging the ANAM network and chiefs must be brought on board to promote water safety and potential treatment options.

Another recommendation made is to develop a sustainable model that provides financial support for water safety management actions. This means managers of water facilities will always have funds for maintenance.

They added that there should be further consultations with service providers especially Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA) to document best practices and good cases around water safety management for replication.

In 2018, Aquaya Institute conducted water quality testing in the district and it was found that most water systems were contaminated with E. coli. These made people applauded the Aquaya Institute for bringing up water quality issues and raising awareness.