When the people of Kwadaso and Adum electoral areas reported the poor sanitation situation at their refuse collection points to the WASH Desk, officials from the Assembly encouraged them to use Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS) in resolving the issue.

CLTS is a behavioral change process that focuses on engaging communities so that they come together to promote good sanitation. You help them to realize the negative impacts of their acts and through that, they come together to end bad practices.

Governments, donors, and civil society are shifting their efforts from building infrastructure to creating viable WASH services that are sustainable and accessible to everyone. Asutifi North District Assembly and its WASH partners through ANAM Initiative have been encouraging Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) to promote good sanitation in the district.

Assembly members, Hon.George Boamah and Hon. Osei Kofi Junior following engagements and collective efforts from the District Assembly, Traditional Authorities, together with their people organized communal labour to clear weeds and clean the collection points. As part of sustainability measures employed to manage the area, they employed caretakers to manage the sites. The caretaker clears the area and takes 50 pesewas from every individual who dumps their refuse there. The amounts gathered from this exercise are used to pay the caretaker and refuse collection trucks.

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“I believe what we have done now will lift the burden of the many complaints that come to me about the mess created here. The people living close to the site too can have rest”, said Hon. Osei Kofi Junior, Assembly member for Adum Electoral Area.