The 23rd session of the ANAM WASH monthly radio program discussed options for household water treatment. The resource person for the program, Mr. Bashiru Yachori of the Aquaya Institute, recommended that consumers who rely on public standpipes need to adopt a second level of water treatment in their homes. Mr. Yachori noted that water boiling or the use of aqua tabs are some of the cheapest but effective ways of disinfecting water at home.

Mr. Yachori’s recommendations followed a recent assessment undertaken by the Aquaya Institute on the water quality from public standpipes in the Asutifi North District. Their research findings revealed water contamination from some of the public standpipes sampled.

Through the ANAM WASH monthly radio program, Mr. Yachori and the WASH Desk hope to intensify public education for households to take steps to ensure the safety of the water they consume at home.

The WASH Desk Officer, Mr. Joel Asubonteng reported that the total number of complaints in January, 2020 were 33. According to Joel, most of these complaints were about pipe bursts and disconnection of piped water supply to homes. These problems occurred as a result of the on-going road construction in parts of Kenyasi.  Other complaints received are as follows:

  • A request for the mechanization of the borehole at Donkokrom to facilitate house-to-house pipe connections and reduce the time spent by school children in fetching water. Mr. Stephen Awuah made this report.
  • Hon. Bawah Isaka from Esenenim reported about a broken handpump in the community.  The District Assembly contracted a mechanic, and the broken pump has been fixed.
  • Obour from  Yaw Oseikrom in the Goamu Area Council also reported about a broken handpump in his community.

The WASH Desk officer also reported that there had been six unresolved complaints that his office would continue to track.