ANAM Partners review progress of WASH masterplan implementation


In February 2020, the ANAM Partnership met to review the implementation of the WASH master plan and to build synergies across partner activities for 2020. 

Partners noted the success in increased internal collaboration among partners to pilot water service delivery solutions in the district. There are already improvements in the district in access to water services with the proportion of people using safely managed water more than doubling between 2017 and 2019. The district led by Honourable Anthony Mensah, District Chief Executive and partners are optimistic that with the over USD 584,000 committed by Asutifi North District and CNHF partners towards the provision of water infrastructure in 2019, there will even be greater improvements in 2020. 

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                                       Success stories captured at the meeting: 

“My big moment was a statement made by one of the chiefs during Conrad N. Hilton visit to Asutifi North District. Where Hilton goes water flows. I was very excited on the day the team from World Vision started drilling in the communities and water was flowing.” 

The District Chief Executive, Hon. Anthony Mensah

"I was amazed when the water vendor at the Kenyasi No. 2 cluster of schools said she was able to generate 200 Ghana cedis just within two weeks of operations. According to the DCE the secret behind this success is that when people come to demand for water, they always sign an MoU with the district to pay for the water service to sustain the system after the facility has been provided for them.” 

Robel Wamisho, Technical Programme Manager, World Vision Ghana.

“I am very impressed with the commitment of the political leadership of the district towards the ANAM WASH initiative. Since the launch of the master plan, the District Chief Executive has personally taken the initiative and made it his own and on every platform, he advocates and talks about it. He has become a champion for the pay as you fetch which has convinced many communities to accept the approach”. 

Jeremiah Atengdem, Water Expert, IRC-Ghana

“I am very impressed with how intensive community sensitization and engagement through the ANAM WASH radio programme has empowered communities to know that water is their right. Now, community members have started calling through the ANAM network channels to demand for water for their communities”. 

Suglo Ibrahim, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, World Vision Ghana