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The Asutifi North District Assembly will work with a private consultancy, PSSUrbania, to develop a WASH emergency and response plan for the district. The emergency and response plan will support the ongoing ANAM WASH Masterplan for attaining district-wide WASH coverage for about 84,420 people by the year 2030.

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is funding PSSUrbania’s contract, and they will work closely with IRC Ghana and other partners on the ongoing ANAM WASH project. PSSUrbania kicked off its work in Kenyasi on October 21, 2021. A three-member team from PSSUbrania had face-to-face meetings with the District Chief Executive and departmental heads in Kenyasi, the District capital. The consultants also met with representatives of the traditional authority and the Tano Basin Management Committee in the Asutifi North District. Outside the district capital, the consultants visited Wamahinso, Ntotroso, Panaba, and Goamu Koforidua to familiarize themselves with some communities in the district. They also engaged with the regional office of the Community Water and Sanitation Agency for their inputs into the plan preparation process.