ANAM WASH Core Group meets

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The Core group of the ANAM WASH Network met in December 2021 to discuss complaints and other developments from the WASH Desk. The Core Group reviewed the WASH-related complaints received between August and December, 2021. This backlog of complaints was because of the transition at the WASH Desk caused by the resignation of Mr. Joel Asubonteng and the recruitment of a new officer. The core group agreed to take further action on the following: 

  • Examine the recommendations made in the mid-term review ofthe WASH Masterplan and take note of the concerns that were specific to network building  
  • The WASH Desk and the core group would work with Assembly members to confirm the requests received at the WASH Desk for new boreholes.  
  • The core group considered that Mr. Omanhene Kwabena Asante, a native of the district who is a famous broadcast journalist with Adom FM in Accra, should be engaged as an ambassador for ANAM WASH and asked to join the WASH Network. Given Mr. Asante's popularity, his membership could affect the reach and influence of the network.  

Mr. Charles Nutsuakor officially introduced himself at the meeting as the new Desk officer.