In a historic moment, the Ahafo Regional Coordinating Council, in collaboration with IRC, marked a significant step towards universal access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services by almost 600,000 people in the Ahafo Region with the official launch of the Ahafo Regional WASH Programme on Tuesday, November 14, 2023.

The event showcased the unveiling of the meticulously crafted WASH masterplans for Asunafo North, Asunafo South, and Tano North districts. These masterplans, developed in collaboration with key stakeholders and approved by the General Assemblies of the respective districts, serve as a roadmap for strategic interventions.

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The Hon. Regional Minister, George Boakye in hisremarks stated that "The launch of the Ahafo Regional WASH Programme is a momentous occasion for our communities. It demonstrates our dedication to ensuring every resident has access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities. We are grateful for the collaborative efforts that have brought us to this point."

Country Director, IRC Ghana, Mrs. Vida Duti in a statement indicated that “We are thrilled to witness theofficial launch of the Ahafo Regional WASH Programme. This initiative represents an important step toward achieving our shared goal of universal WASH coverage. We look forward to continued collaboration with the regional and district partners to turn these plans into impactful actions."

With the Ahafo Regional WASH Programme now officially launched, the next phase involves translating the plans into action. Districts will actively engage with potential partners to ensure the successful implementation of the masterplans, furthering the vision of a healthier and more sustainable WASH delivery in Ahafo Region.

This launch marks the beginning of positive changethat will reverberate through the region. As communities unite in this endeavour, the Ahafo Region is set on a trajectory towards improved WASH services and a brighter, healthier future. In attendance were development partners including World Vision Ghana, Aquaya Institute, SAHA Global, and MMDA’s within the region, Ahafo Regional Coordinating Council, Heads of departments in the region, CSO, Hon. Assembly members, Traditional Authorities, Media and among others.