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As part of collaborative activities in the Asutifi North District leading to the commemoration of Global Handwashing Day, a combined team of personnel from the district Education and Health Directorates, ANAM WASH Desk, IRC Ghana, SUDEF Ghana, and GADeF international embarked on a three-day community sensitization campaign from the 10th to 13th October 2021. The sensitization campaign was to promote the culture of good Handwashing practices, particularly with soap under running water, among school children in selected schools and some communities. The sensitization campaign team visited schools in Goamu Koforidua, Asamang, Yawbrefo, and Kramokrom. The team did not only engage with pupils of the schools in these communities but also had interactions with community members in all the communities visited. The sensitization team used the opportunity to educate and demonstrate to the school children the steps to wash their hands properly. The team also used the opportunity to teach community members how to construct a simply Tippy Tap at home or in their farms to promote the culture of regular handwashing under running water.  


Thursday, October 14, 2021, World Vision International in collaboration with Phanuel Global Health Foundation, Asutifi North District Assembly, Ghana Education Service, and IRC Ghana organized a WASH Quiz Competition among five selected schools in the district.  

The event which was held at the Hall of the District Assembly had five participating basic schools where World Vision has implemented the Sesame WASH-Up Program. The schools were T.I Ahmadiya school, District Assembly (DA) Girls School, Ntotroso District Assembly schooland Kenyasi 1 and Kenyasi 2 Methodist schools. 

The quiz had five rounds of questioning centered on WASH in schools. The fifth and final round of the competition required a contestant from each school to demonstrate the steps to proper handwashing with soap under running water at the same time narrating the steps to the quiz audience and judges.  

At the end of the fifth round of the quiz, District Assembly (DA) Girls School emerge the winner of the competition. All schools were awarded with a prize consisting of various stationary materials, while the winning school took home the winner’s trophy.  The District Director of Ghana Education Service congratulated all the participating schools for their marvelous performance and admonished the students and teachers to continue to observe and take seriously their personal hygiene. She also used the opportunity to officially announce the launch of a WASH League Table for schools in the district where GES in collaboration with the ANAM WASH partners and the District Assembly will be visiting schools regularly to evaluate the state of WASH in each school and award marks according. She added that this was meant to encourage schools to take issues of water, sanitation and hygieneseriously and reward those who made efforts to improve WASH in their schools. 


The 31st edition of the monthly ANAM WASH radio discussion was held on Thursday October 14, 2021, at Anapua FM in Kenyasi. This month’s edition was dedicated to the Global Hand Washing Day Celebrations and had resource persons from World Vision Ghana (Mr. Festus Boadi), Ghana Education Service (Mrs. Felicia Ohenewaa Larbi), and GADeF International (Mr. Emmanuel Marfo).  

Theradio show for the day discussed among many things, what the Global HandwashingDay was all about. The resources persons also took turns to share why it was important to commemorate the day, and the roles their organizations were playing towards the commemoration of the day. Mr. Festus Boadi used the opportunity to talk about the launch of the District League Table for schools which is an initiative that World Vision International has collaborated with GES to implement in the district.  

Mr. Emmanuel Marfo also shared during the program some of the initiatives and interventions that GADef International and its sister organization SUDEF Ghana, have been undertaking in the district over the past years to promote sanitation and hygiene in the district.  

Ms.Felicia Ohenewaa Larbi announced the winners of the SESAME WASH-Up QuizCompetition, which was held on the previous day, and added that the competition was an initiative which had come to stay and was looking forward to more schools participating in next years competition.  


On the 15th of October 2021, the Asutifi North District commemorated GlobalHandwashing Day with an event at Goamu Koforidua. The organization of this year’s commemoration event was a collaboration between the Asutifi North District Assembly, ANAM WASH partners, and Civil Society Organization based in the Asutifi North District.  

The collaborated campaign was celebrated under the theme; “Our future is at hand –Let’s move forward together”. Global Hand Washing Day is a global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness about the importance of hand hygiene and triggering lasting change from the policy-level to community-driven action.  

The commemoration event had in attendance the Chiefs and Elders of the GoamuKoforidua community, officials of the Asutifi North District Assembly and Assembly Members, district representatives from the Ghana Education Service, representatives from the District Health Directorate, ANAM Wash partners including World Vision International and IRC Ghana, Civil Society Organizations including GADeF International and SUDEF Ghana, teachers and pupils from the Koforidua and Asamang Basic Schools, and members of the Goamu Koforidua community.  

Representatives of the District Assembly, ANAM WASH partners and CSOs, and the Ghana EducationService shared remarks on the day’s celebrations and efforts that have been ongoing in the district to promote good hygiene practices including proper handwashing. The event participants were treated to a beautiful cultural display by students from the Koforidua Basic school and an inspirational poem on handwashing by a pupil of the school.  

SUDEFGhana donated five (5) Veronica Buckets and ten (10) Tippy Taps to the schools and the community to further promote the culture of proper handwashing and good personal hygiene. A demonstration was made by an officer of the District HealthDirectorate to illustrate to the gathering the proper steps to wash your handwith soap and water.  

The chief of Goamu Koforidua expressed appreciation on behalf of his community and the invited schools for the donation received and advocated for everyone to adopt good handwashing practices to promote a healthy community.   



To ensure that the progress of the WASH Masterplan implementation in the AsutifiNorth District is adequately tracked, annually scheduled activities are undertaken to track the status and performance of WASH services within the district.In line with this, a five-day training workshop was organized for selected enumerators from the Asutifi North District Assembly. The training workshop took place at the ANAM WASH HUB office in Kenyasi No.2 from Monday October 18, 2021, to Friday October 22, 2021, and had a total of 19 district staffparticipating.  

The main purpose for the training was to equip district staff with the knowledge and skillset required to undertake WASH service monitoring which essentially entailed the collection of data in communities, households, schools, and health care facilities to establish WASH service levels in 2021.  

The enumerators trained for the data collection were drawn from the various departments of the district assembly including the Water Unit of the District Works Department, Environmental Health and Sanitation Department, DPCU, Department of Social Welfare, District Education Office, and District Health Directorate. 

The training sessions covered the methodology for collecting monitoring data on water assets in the district, assessment of the performance of WSMTs, household surveys, and assessment of WASH status in Healthcare Facilities and Schools.  


TheAsutifi North District Ahonidie Mpontuo (ANAM) Master Plan initiated in 2008seeks to promote universal access to safe water, basic sanitation, and hygiene services to about 84,420 people by the year 2030. Following the implementation of the firstphase in collaboration with the district and partners under the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, a consultant (PSSUrbania) has been engaged by IRC Ghana, to conduct the WASH emergencyresponse and resiliency plan to augment the Asutifi North Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Master Plan.  

Theconsultants undertook a reconnaissance visit to the district from the 18thto the 21st of October 2021. As part of the reconnaissanceactivities the consultants undertook face-to-face meetings with the DistrictAssembly including with the District Chief Executive, the District Coordinating Director, and the District Planning Officer. Furthermore, the consulting team held meetings with the heads of the Environmental Health, Public Health, and Physical Planning Departments. They also held meetings with the head of National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO).  

Theconsulting team meet with an opinion leader and representative of thetraditional authority in Kenyasi, and subsequently with the representative of Tano Basin Management Committee in the Asutifi North District. The team in addition to Kenyasi No.1 & 2, also visited selected beneficiary communities of the ANAM initiative, including Wamahinso, Ntotroso, Panaba, and GoamuKoforidua. 

The consulting team also visited the ANAM WASH HUB office where they interactedwith some of the ANAM WASH partners as part of their reconnaissance activities. The team finally had an engagement with CWSA before departing to Accra to continue the development of the WASH emergency response and resiliency plan for the district. 




Thefive CSOs awarded small grants under the ANAM WASH Initiative to undertakeadvocacy work in the Asutifi North District have all completed phase one of their respective projects with exciting achievements so far.  All five CSOs submitted their progress report detailing activities they embarked onduring the phase 1 period and the successes achieved within the same period. The progress reports highlighted how the CSOs continue to engage communities and focus groups within the District on hand hygiene, WASH in schools, and Pay-As-You-Fetch Campaign to complement the activities of partners under the ANAM WASH Initiative. 

Through the activities of the CSOs, 18 WASH Ambassadors have been identified who on their part will be undertaking various actions to promote WASH education among citizens in the district. Some CSO’s have undertaken Co-Creation workshops with stakeholders in the district to develop a concept and features for an ANAM WASH App which is now in development. Other CSO’s through the ANAM Small Grants have had interactions with members of four mining communities to sensitize them on the impacts of illegal mining on WASH services.

IRCGhana has subsequently proceeded to furnish the CSOs with the second tranche oftheir grants to facilitate the seamless implementation of the projects being undertaken by the CSOs.  


IRCin collaboration with the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) andpartners - WaterAid Ghana and Water4, convened the fourth National Learning Exchange event on District-Wide Approaches (DWAs) focused on the theme: "Local systems strengthening to deliver safe and sustainable water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services: Reflections on the district-wideapproach towards meeting the targets for Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6."  

TheAsutifi North District Assembly was invited to participate in this year’s eventand to share their experiences and lessons as well on the delivery of safe and sustainable water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services. The learning exchange provided a platform for like-minded partners implementing district-wide approaches to achieving WASH and WASH-related SDGs to share their experiences; and learn at first-hand how these approaches are being rolled out towards strengthening strong local systems to deliver safe and sustainable WASH services for everyone. 

Thenational learning event was held on Wednesday, 27 October 2021 at the FiestaRoyale Hotel, Dzorwulu – Accra.  The eventbrought together a wide range of stakeholders including ten (10) Metropolitan Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs), the National Development Planning Commission, Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources, Water Resources Commission, Water Research Institute, Community Water and Sanitation Agency, Ghana Water Company Limited, and many more.  

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