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Updates on status of implementation

A stakeholders’ review meeting has been held on Tuesday December 7,2021 on ANAM WASH Full Coverage Initiative at Asutifi North District Assembly’s conference hall. The meeting which sought to assess the mid-term progress of implementation of the district’s WASH masterplan saw traditional leaders, community Water boards, heads of departments in the district, ANAM WASH partners and others as participants.  

The District Coordinating director, Mr Samuel Badu Baiden in his opening address said the Assembly’s commitment has been tremendous in the ANAM WASH initiative partnership and promised more investments as the district’s population grows. “When you take a look at the water project we are doing at Kenyasi No. 1, 160,000 dollars has been invested in it. And that is just on water for one community out of 58 communities”, he explained. 

He added that the ANAM WASH Initiative masterplan has being adopted as a guideline by the National Development Planning Commission to be replicated by Assemblies across the country.  

The District Planning officer, MrJames ATA- Ara who presented on the progress of implementation of the Wash Masterplanreported that 167 complaints so far have been resolved out of those which havebeen received by the WASH Desk since the commencement of the Initiative in 2018. “From 2017 to 2021, access towater services have been increased in schools and health care facilities andsome small communities”, he explained. 

“An estimation of about 61,068 ofthe population have access to improved water services. But there are stillabout 7,700 people still do not have access to water services that we will arecurrently working on”, he added. 

Some key challenges for the initiative that were pointed out were, central Government’s free water policywhich affected the financial position of some water systems, limited investment in sanitation delivery and limited efforts in attracting CSOs and the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s associated unprecedented disruptions.  

Stakeholders also suggested that,by-laws and building regulations on sanitation are enforced, Sanitationofficers being empowered and penalties instituted to punish people whose actions leads to the regression of the ANAM WASH initiative. 

The ANAM WASH Initiative seeks toensure every individual in the district has access to water, sanitation andhygienic services in an environment where water resources are managed sustainably.  

It has Asutifi North District Assembly, IRC Ghana, Safe Water Network, World Vision, Netcentric Campaigns, Aquaya and Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention as partners. 


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