The WASH Desk

The ANAM Wash Desk will listen, understand, and relay information/issues from citizens/network members to the District Assembly and partners for redress, and provide feedback on a resolution plan. The WASH Desk is accountable for absolute documentation of communications and facilitating transparency of ANAM WASH data among partners so that each partner can coordinate with and for the District in improving performance of DA and partner operations.  The WASH DESK will be the District Assembly’s prime ANAM WASH Network engagement gateway, focused on working with people and partners to capture data, route and share data on people and their issues and tracking and reporting engagements with people in Asutifi North as related to WASH and the ANAM initiative. 

The WASH Desk motto.

Listening, Understanding, Relaying.

Ambassador campaigns

This will celebrate people across the District that are doing so much for the WASH work.  These heroes are those that do thankless work to make ANAM a success.  They advance the health of our communities in the actions they take. They are serving others by advancing better sanitation, better practices, providing clean water and promoting responsibilities of all to clean and sustainable water. The Ambassador program is the District and everyone’s programme to thank them for the services they provide.  To give them recognition online and on radio, highlight them at ANAM events, call the behaviours out as something that all should be emulated, give them certificates, and provide them with T-Shirts to carry in pride as the deepest thanks from people whose lives are improved by the dedication to what they do.  

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